Mystery Number 1
Preface: The Heavens

"After years I decide to break my silence. I close my eyes and imagine the image of my god and asked him "Lord, Is Kundalini inside you too". Then I ask "The great deeds were done by You Lord or Kundalini". I thought,” "Why is Kundalini inside Gods too?"

Now I ask my Lord "What is Kundalini?” There is an infinite silence and I do not hear anything from my God. The image of my God is silent. I see all the incarnations, prophets and I see all the deities. Then I see all the religious gurus behaving like Kundalini. Then I see a bliss with surprise on my God's face. The Infinite silence is not interrupted and I decide I will express what I feel and believe".

The Encounter: Seeing The Serpant

"Now it happened. The most memorable incident of my life that would become this book. Next day sometime in the late afternoon I had a strong urge to go to the restroom. Instead of water I saw something I had never seen. I saw a faint something. I barely noticed anything against a white background. It was almost transparent. A translucent creature as translucent as the white background, looking at me. I heard it say "I am the one, If I stay with you, you will not win"”. I took a closer look at it, now I was able to focus at it. It was a snake. It had no eyes. It was about five to seven inches tall and and was raising its head like a cobra without fangs and hood, the body merged into circles with the tail at its center. It was the strangest sight of my life. A strange translucent snake coiled in circles gazing at me with its round mouth."

The Faith:The Known

"It is an infinite pool of energy that lies in our body giving life energy to prana, which is responsible for maintaining all the vital life and psychic processes. It is a part of the cosmos which incorporates a human into the divine universe. Kundalini awakening is believed to bless with infinite bliss, and psychic abilities. Prana the vital life energy is vitalized by awakening and prana is lifted to a higher level. Awakening starts a vibrational spiritual process. Those who have experienced it describe the awakening as a process which is blissful and feeling of immense energy within."

The Mystery:The Unknown

"Every creature evolved from a common evolutionary tree. Life has a common origin. Nothing is known about the evolution of Kundalini. It is an unknown to most and a mythical creature. After intense research I found nothing about where Kundalini came from. The information available is that it is gift from god. Did Kundalini evolved inside man? Is it an independent organ of the body? Many of these questions need to be answered before we start keeping Kundalini in center of mystical and religious practices. Another question that comes to me is that is it an alien that is harbored in the body with a purpose other than survival?"

The Followers: Maze Kingdom

"Goddess Shakti sleeps in the Muldhara and awakens to reach crown chakra. Here she meets Shiva and then enlightment occurs." This certainly is a metaphor and a popular one. But again here the metaphor has become greater than reality. Bad is portrayed as good, incorrect became correct. Human defeat became a deity.... "

"Hindu religion worships millions gods and demigods. Hindus worship anything from the invisible creator of universe to cows and snakes. All of them are gods. Snakes have a very important place in Hindu mythology and are very dear to lord Shiva. Statues of snakes are in temples and they are worshiped. That is the closest thing resembling the Kundalini in the mainstream religion as a god. Kundalini serpent is the Shakti. So you will worship the serpent which has taken over you because your inability to get rid of it will make it god...."

"Until the middle sixteenth century we had a firm belief that earth is the center of universe and the sun, the moon, all the planets and stars revolve around the earth. The Holy See had a dogma that seated unchallenged. Any view contrary to the dogma of church was considered evil, anti-Christ and was punished. Copernicus discovered that the earth was not the center of the universe but the center of its gravitational sphere only. Sun was the center of the universe. And that there is not just one center of the universe. All the knowledge that humanity had earned before this was under a belief that earth is the center of the universe. The knowledge of Kundalini is in a pre Copernican stage,"Kundalini and Kundalini awakening are the center of spiritual universe ...."

The Science: Unfolding Three and Half Circles

"Few traits are indigenous genetically to individual species. Human babies babble and later they speak in words. Lion cubs sound like kittens but when they grow up they roar. Lions do not grow to say mama and humans do not roar. These traits are genetic attitudes indigenous and specific to humans and lions. Like wise a snake takes a coiled up position and raises its head. I am certain that evolutionary history of kundalini is serpentine.... "

"History of evolution of species is the history of evolution of genes. Every organism has a genetic imprint in its every cell of the body. Human genome has twenty three pairs of chromosomes. Out of these twenty two have the blueprint for differentiation of the germ cell into body and the last pair is the pair for reproduction. Human mating is followed by transference of male sperm by ejaculation. Once inside female genital tract sperms start moving up. Then there is fusion with female ovum. This is the fertilized egg. The egg gets implanted in the uterus. When the human genome was encoded into an embryo simultaneously Kundalini genome was also encoded of into differentiation of the Kundalini which will start to develop inside the fetus. The Kundalini genome was lodged on the human chromosome!"

"Another possibility of Kundalini evolution is the evolution of reptiles. Some time in the history the Kundalini infected humans and started living in humans. There are numerous ways by which humans get infected by organisms. The modes of transmission of foreign organisms are mouth, nose, ear, broken skin, skin piercing by organisms, blood, sex and from mother to fetus. It is a possibility that Kundalini infected human ages ago through the genital tract. As it is the way through which it comes out and closest to the root chakra.... "

The Serpant Act: Desires, Instinct and Behaviour

"Primitive Brain is the hind brain and the limbic system is the most primitive part of the brain. The Basic Instincts are controlled by the primitive brain... When Kundalini takes over, it takes over the Neo Brain by making brain more instinctive. Human superiority which is cognition, memory and judgment is masked by a highly animalistic-instinctive thought process. The brain behaves serpentine. The desire originates in fore brain and the way to procure is decided by primitive brain overwriting logic, reasoning and judgement. The enlightment is the Kundalini taking over which makes humans more animalistic. The power to discriminate desires, needs and procurement methods become crude. Patience is replaced by rage and aggression. Judgment and cognition are replaced by animalistic instincts because the Kundalini is attached to the brain stem. The brain stem which is our primitive brain just like the brain of kundalini. The reptilian part of human brain is amplified when kundalini rises to the head."

The Future: The Unseen

Conclusion: The Enlightment

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